Immunization Requirements

Mandatory Immunization Requirements for

Colorado School of Mines Students


Fall Semester Deadline – July 1st

Spring Semester Deadline – January 1st


ALL incoming students MUST submit the following items to the CSM Student Health Center by the above deadlines:

  • Health History (Only to be completed if student is under age 18.  Parent signature is required on this form and all other forms as indicated for under age students)
  • Certificate of Immunization (with physicians signature, OR official immunization record from school, physician, government or military)
  • Tuberculosis Screening (required for all students)
  • Meningococcal Disease (if living on campus)

Please  PRINT and mail completed forms to the following address. Forms MAY NOT be submitted electronically to the Student Health Center.

CSM Student Health Center

1770 Elm Street

Golden, CO  80401

Health HistoryPDF versionText only version

The Health History form provides the Health Center Staff with information about the patient’s health history, including allergies, past health concerns, and family history.  This information helps the staff provide the student with proper treatment.

Certificate of ImmunizationPDF versionText only version

Colorado state law requires new freshman, transfer and graduate students submit proof of two doses each of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines (or two doses of the combined MMR vaccine). This is a mandatory requirement for all college students born on or after January 1, 1957.  Both doses must be given on or after the student’s first birthday.

Please provide an official copy of your immunization record OR take this form to your healthcare provider to complete and sign.  You may obtain an official record of your immunizations from a previous school, county government, physician or the military.

Please see further information below if you cannot provide valid proof of MMR immunization, or if you wish to exempt yourself from immunizations for personal, medical or religious reasons.

TuberculosisPDF versionText only version

The risk for exposure to Tuberculosis is assessed, and must be completed by all students.

Meningococcal Disease FormPDF versionText only version

Due to the increased incidence of meningitis among college students, Colorado state law requires that all students residing in student housing be provided with the information about Meningococcal Disease.  The most recent Meningococcal immunization should be documented on the official record of immunization.  If the student's Meningococcal vaccine was given prior to age 15, a booster is required. The duration of the vaccine is three to five years.  If the student chooses to waive this immunization or to waive receiving a booster, this form must be completed and signed.  Please be aware that should an outbreak of the disease occur while the student resides on campus, he/she may be quarantined. 

ExemptionsPDF versionText only version

Upon a student’s bona fide request and submission of appropriate documentation, CSM may grant a waiver of the immunization requirements. Students who choose immunization exemptions should be aware that they will not be able to obtain any immunization from the Health Center during their time on campus. Exemptions for religious or medical reasons will require documentation from either the student’s religious leader or a health care provider.

Please be aware than should an outbreak of any one of these diseases occur on campus, the student may be asked to refrain from attending classes until the outbreak has resolved.


Student athletes participating in NCAA athletics must provide these forms to the Health Center in addition to meeting the requirements of the CSM Athletics Department.

How should the forms be completed if the student is younger than 18 years of age?

Please have a parent or guardian sign the “consent to treat” at the bottom of the Health History page. Until this is signed (or the student turns 18), the student will be unable to receive treatment from the Health Center.

What if I can’t provide proof of MMR immunization, even though I’ve had the vaccines?

Contact previous schools, your county offices, the military or previous health care providers to obtain immunization records. If proof of immunization cannot be obtained, there are two options: you may choose to obtain a blood titer to prove immunity to all three diseases (measles, mumps and rubella) or you may choose to receive both vaccines again.

What if I’ve never had an MMR vaccine, or if one was received before my first birthday?

You will need two valid MMR doses (or one dose, if one was received after your first birthday), both of which are available at the Health Center.  Due to the recent Measles outbreak, it is highly recommended that you receive at least one MMR prior to your arrival at school.

What if I miss the deadline for form submission?

A hold may be placed on the student’s Trailhead account if forms are not submitted by the due date.

What if I have a more specific situation than mentioned here?

Please feel free to call the Health Center at 303-273-3381 with any questions—we are more than happy to help!


Important Information

Health Center
1770 Elm St.
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 273-3381
FAX (303) 273-3623

Clinic Hours
Monday-Friday 8:00-noon and 1:00-4:45 pm  Please call to schedule an appointment.                    (303)273-3381

Doctors' hours
By appointment only

Allergy Shots
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After Hours Care

Dental Clinic
By appointment only, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday  8:00-noon,       1:15-4:45 pm,              (303)273-3377

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State of Colorado information

CDC information/FAQ on Meningitis

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